Help! The Sky is Falling!

Unfortunately, sometimes things do happen in Newmarket and this is one of those times. We are in the tail end of a Nor’Easter and the title says it all.

Snow and Ice

We cleared the driveway last night at about the halfway point. This morning we got up to work on the driveway and caught a chunk of ice breaking the big snowblower. Hopefully it is just the shear pin. Now we need to go to Sears to get replacement shear pins, bummer. So we tackled the driveway with the electric shovel and snow shovels.

Dead Snowblower
Semi-Cleared Driveway
Peek-a-boo Yeti Bird

We caught a deer crossing the yard and got some video. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO!

Snowbound Deer

The small birds were more fortunate as we fed them liberally from the porch. Too lazy to bust a trail to the feeder today.

Bird Feeder


I think we got more than a foot of snow but I don’t know what the final total will be. It is still snowing as we blog. Stay warm.

Mark and Meg

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  1. You’re letting your deer go hungry? Dad would put out some field corn for them. Didn’t you catch that bug from him?


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