Vesuvio dominates the skyline around Naples. It was a prominent feature of our view from Sorrento. Meg expressed a strong interest in climbing it.

View of Vesuvio from Villa Ada

So we were off for an adventure. The weather was good at sea level. The guide books said to dress warmly and they were correct as it was windy and chilly at the top. We drove from Sorrento to the park entrance at the base of the volcano. Then we parked and took a shuttle bus to the ranger station and bought a ticket to enter the park for the walk to the top. There are no public restrooms and the park vendors have only two private ones. It was a long wait to use the restroom before were started up to the top.

Park Entrance

Then we began our climb to the top. It was a well groomed trail with loose gravel but even so the wind, altitude and slope were tiring. Meg, Mark, Wink and Jim all made it to the top. The views were slightly obscured by low clouds but were stunning and well worth the climb.

Trip to the top

Views of the Volcano

Views from the volcano


Relaxing on the return trip

It was definitely a worthwhile experience. Stunning! We saw two steam vents at the top!

Mark, Wink and Meg

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  1. Wow, awesome! Bummer about the dead golden retriever you encountered on the way up :{


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