Frodo 2001 – 2017

Leaving you was always difficult. No matter if it was to the grocery store for an hour or across the country to school. You always got worried when car keys were picked up or suitcases unearthed. You preferred to have your humans around the house where you could keep an eye on them – especially at mealtime or naptime. You earned many names – Poopy, Sir Poopston Logdropper, Barks-at-thunder-pees-on-bed – as well as a large chunk of our hearts. It has been a phenomenal 16 1/2 years, Frodo. Rest in peace, and sweet dreams.   (Meg)

Frodo was our companion for sixteen and a half years. He was a magnificent dog and is sorely missed. He wanted to be included in everything. He watched out for us as we did yard work and kept the house safe.

We got Frodo as a puppy early in 2001. Meg and Wink went shopping and stopped at a pet store at the mall. We were supposed to go to Chicago for a weekend get away but instead they came home with a puppy. Meg was so happy to have a dog in the house.

Meg and puppy Frodo

My parents visited us and brought their dog Chester along for the visit. Chester had an out sized impact on our innocent Frodo. He taught him that food could be found in the wastebasket if you knocked it over and that pre-cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher was a dog’s responsibility. Later he taught Frodo that beer was delicious and all you needed to do was knock over the beer bottles to get the last drop!

Chester and Frodo
Frodo checking out the dishwasher

When we traveled, he always wanted to go along. Like most animals he would get upset when a suitcase came out.

Take me too

It was Frodo’s job to make sure we got our walks in. When he was healthy our morning walk would be the two mile walk down to Bay Road and back. As he got older his route was shortened to just around the neighborhood. He made sure to inform the other dogs that Moody Point was his territory.

Dog Walking

Frodo was the best napper. After eating and walking, napping was his favorite activity. All one had to do was say nap time and he was off to the bed room.

Nap Time

Frodo RIP 2001 – 2017

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg


We have a little more than 1000 pictures of him, I have selected a few so you can watch Meg and Frodo grow up together.


















He lived a great life and we miss him very much.


3 thoughts on “Frodo 2001 – 2017

  1. What a touching heartfelt tribute to Frodo. What a great dog. I think I got something in my eye, or maybe its my allergies, but I need a tissue. . . .


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