Ice Castles

On Wednesday January 10, 2018 we traveled to Lincoln NH to visit the Ice Castles with M.J. McCauley. We left just before noon and got lunch on the fly at a little diner that Mark likes.  We started with delicious onion rings! (Similar to the Howard Johnson’s rings) and M.J. and I got the beer battered haddock. After lunch we drove to the chalet at Mitersill in Franconia Notch. We unpacked the car and got settled in. Then at 4:30 we drove back down to Lincoln for our five o’clock entry time at the ice castle. This was just after sunset. The weather was chilly but not as brutally cold as it has been.

M.J. in front of the Ice Castle viewed from parking lot

We bought our tickets online and they have staggered start times so it doesn’t get too crowded inside the ice castle. We were lucky and went on a school night so it wasn’t too crowded. There were a surprising number of things to do and see inside so we all thought it was a worthwhile experience. The music and changing light colors were fun.

Inside Ice Castle

Ice Blocks



Throne of the Ice King (cold bottom)

Side by side Luge

Troll Cave

Some Rooms had Ceilings and Some Didn’t

Necessary Room-there were 25 of them!
After we finished at the ice castles we went to the Common Man in Lincoln for dinner and went back to relax at the chalet.The next morning we had pancakes for breakfast with coffee from Costa Rica. After breakfast we went shopping in Littleton. We stopped at Chutters for licorice for Mark, a bookstore, quilt shop and the league of New Hampshire Crafts store. We got a delicious Thai lunch and antiqued in Littleton and Northwood on our way home. It was a very pleasant day and a half and good to get away.

For those that need to know, this is what three pounds of assorted licorice looks like:

Three Pounds of Licorice
Mark and Wink


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