Early July NEHiN

There is an effort by The Nature Conservancy to reestablish oysters in the bay. The oysters are filter feeders and will help clean up the bay. They are laying beds of shells and seeding them with oyster spat. Hopefully the spat will survive and grow and establish colonies.

Oyster Barge

Mark’s blueberries are starting to ripen. The berries are not ripening all at once and the critters are eating them faster than they ripen, as a result we have not harvested any blueberries yet this year.  😦

Mark’s Blueberries
Blueberries look Yummy


Eating Mark’s Blueberries


Eating Mark’s Blueberries Video

The yard has been active as ever. We saw a boiling ball of paint dipped goodness recently.

Paint Dipped Goodness

Hen Turkey

Bird Feeders

NEHiN Critters Video


All for now.

Mark, Wink and Meg


I have filled all my allotted space for this site with no easy way to increase it. So I will have to change what I am doing. This will be the last blog here until I figure it out.





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