Winter 2016-2017

For awhile I thought this was the winter that almost wasn’t. It was very mild through January. If we got snow, it was light and fluffy and easy to deal with.


Snow Dusting

The patterns in the snow suggest a struggle. Wondered what happened?

Lunch anyone?

Yes Lunch Anyone?


How about Supper?

Oh My!

Meg and I went for a walk after a snow storm. It was an eye opening experience. We saw an eagle on the point. Down by the salt marsh we saw incontrovertible evidence of a fisher cat. That is a very mean weasel that inhabits this area. We have seen the fisher cat twice but never gotten pictures. Their tracks are definitely fisher cat tracks. Since we have seen the fisher cat, we have not seen the foxes. Fisher cats can be really hard on dogs.



Our porch seems to be three and a half seasons, as long as we have good sun the porch is warm enough for the bird. We also added a heater.


Three 1/2 Season Porch


March – In Like a Lion

Yes – Lunch!

Lunch to go!

Coopers Hawk watching Red Tail Eat

Carry Out








Mark’s Bday Present

It can be tough living at 27 Lubberland Drive.

Mark, Wink and Meg

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