Spring 2017

The calendar says it is spring here. We are starting to see some buds on the plants and the animals think it is spring but we are expecting 8-13 inches of snow this weekend.  Meg is here and Frodo is still hanging on. So here is the evidence that Spring might be coming….

Turkeys Finding Territory

Deer browsing grass




Robins are back

Birds- Nuthatch, Red Tailed Hawk, Chickadee, Rose Breasted Nuthatch and Red Winged Blackbird

Squirrel chillin in the sun

Frodo – Hanging in there

Many of the pictures are by Meg.

We got our taxes organized and dispatched to the accountant so that also says the Spring is on the way. We are looking forward to milder weather.

Mark, Wink and Meg

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  1. You deserve some real Spring weather! Signs of it here! Buds on the trees, bird baths in place and filled.
    Grape jelly in the bird feeder, etc.


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