NEHIN (Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket)

It is late spring transitioning to early summer. We have had a fair amount of rain and have greened up nicely. The bird channel has been active and we have enjoyed our bird watching.

Turkey Hen (no babies yet)
Rose Breasted Grosbeak

It has been fairly wet and we have had a bumper crop of mushrooms in the yard.

We have seen juvenile foxes multiple times in the general area where a den is known to exist, but haven’t managed to get a picture yet.

The deer are starting to have their fawns. We were aware of the fawns for about a week before they peeked their heads out so we could get pictures.

On one of our walks with Frodo we saw an interesting event. A juvenile bald eagle flew too close to an established Osprey nest and the Ospreys attacked the eagle. It was spectacular to watch. We have also seen the red wing blackbirds chasing the hawks and crows from our yard.

Mark and Wink

Last minute addition. Looking for monks. 🙂


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