It is amazing how ‘Nuttin continues to evah happen in NewMahket.’ I am posting these photos and continuing to take more. It seems that our yard can be a tough place to grow up. It is enjoyable to watch.

Chipmunker and three deer

Chipmunker has been active in our yard earlier this season than the past two years as usually we don’t see him until July. The yard is teeming with chipmunks so we don’t mind.

Chipmunker with Red Squirrel (‘How about we do lunch?’)

We live at the mouth of the Lamprey River. Here are some pictures of an eagle eating an eel right on our mudflat.

The ground hog babies are already getting big.

We have seen two hen turkeys together so we know we have more than one in the yard.

The bird channel continues to provide entertainment.



Red Bellied Woodpecker


I would like to introduce a relative newcomer to our menagerie: ‘Violet Rose.’

Violet Rose

And I will leave you with a little air freshener:


That is about all for today.

Mark and Wink

2 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Wow!!! Your squirrels are good looking. Ours have orange bellies. I’m considering starting an official Chipmunker fan club!


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