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As ‘nuttin continues to happen in NewMahket,’ I find myself with another set of pictures and a story to tell. It is transitioning from early summer to mid summer and the juvenile birds are leaving the nests. We think we’ve a new species when in reality it is just a juvenile in colors we don’t recognize. Last blog it was a Oriole.

So to start this blog I am introducing a new game. It is called, ‘Where in the garden is Carmen Hummingbird?’ How do we know it is Carmen and not Waldo? Look at the breast and there is no ruby throat, Introducing Carmen:

Carmen Hummingbird

Where in the garden is Carmen Hummingbird?


The bird baths have been popular. Here is a female cardinal enjoying a refreshing bath.

Bath Time


Juvenile English Starling

Juvenile American Bald Eagle

Ground Hog in Day Lily Garden

Momma Deer

Fox and Friends

We had a thunderstorm roll in at sunset and it put on a light show:

Thunderstorm at Sunset

Light Show

The light show continued after sunset but it was more of a lightning show with boomers.

All is quiet here.

Mark and Wink


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  1. Next time post a pic appropriately captioned “Morning Joe” to keep the universe in balance…


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