P-Town Escape

Wink wanted to do something fun to get away from NewMahket in July. So we settled on visiting the Cape midweek. We drove down on Tuesday and returned home on Friday in time to make the BYOB at the point. We stayed in a beachside motel in Chatham, The Hawthorne, and visited Provincetown for fun and whale watching.( The whale watching is a separate blog). We chose the week we went because it was bear week in Provincetown. Our goal was to whale watch, people watch and eat seafood as well as step on the beach and get our toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

We stayed at the Hawthorne in Chatham. It is on shore road and a short walk to downtown. The weather was iffy for our whole stay as a warm front stalled over us with fog,intermittent rain and squalls and it was mostly cloudy and breezy and very humid. This was inconvenient for us as it drove all the beach goers into town and plugged the town up with people and made parking difficult. When we arrived we had to go directly to the hotel and check in to be able to park. Then we walked into town and started our seafood adventure. Here are some pictures of the Hawthorne. The only problem with the local beach was we were swarmed by sand fleas. It was very unpleasant so we didn’t spend much time on that beach.

The Hawthorne
The Beach
Toes in the water – mission accomplished!!

Beach Find – Starfish

We cruised around Chatham after a late lunch at the Impudent Oyster and came across the Sharks in the Park fundraiser for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. You can bid on these on their website: http://www.sharksinthepark.net/ . It was fun.

Sharks in the Park

The next day we continued our people watching in Provincetown. Bear Week is one of my favorite times of year. Wink noticed I spent a lot of time smiling but she thought it was a little tawdry. We had three objectives, Whale Watch, People Watch and shop the bookstores. Unfortunately we ran out of time and missed out on the  bookstores this trip.

P-Town Bear Watching

Except for breakfast, Mark had seafood for every meal. This included fish and chips, cioppino, seafood caserole, fish sandwiches and fish in a hot pot. It was a marvelous adventure.

Seafood Extravaganza

Breakfast one day was an egg sandwich and dirt bombs at the Cottage Street Bakery in Orleans. Dirt bombs are a muffin dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar and sinfully delicious. Wink and I had to have one for old times sake.

Dirt Bomb
Breakfast – Yum

Of special note, we found some onion rings that brought back memories for Wink as they reminder her of her travels to New Hampshire from Boston. They used to stop at Howard Johnson’s and they were her favorite onion rings. Mark can heartily endorse these onion rings.

Onion Rings – Yummy – Two Thumbs Up!

We did make it to the lighthouse beach. I had my camera but left the camera bag in the hotel room. I also left the battery plugged into the wall and charging so the lighthouse beach pictures are from Wink’s iphone… my bad.

Beach Walk

Wink liked the flowers she saw on our adventures:


The Whale Watch was spectacular as well. We were in P-Town early in July and this is earlier than we usually make this pilgrimage. As a result we saw different whale behaviors than we were used to observing. The whale watch blog can be found here:

It was a pleasant getaway. On our way north we stopped at Legal Seafood in  Chestnut Hill to visit with a friend of Wink’s. Managed to get back to Moody Point just in time to get to the byo!

Mark and Wink



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