Bedrock Gardens Adventure

We just got home from the Cape and then went on an adventure to Bedrock Gardens. This is where Cybil/Cyrus was birthed. They had an open house weekend which featured fabric arts so Wink wanted to go.


Welcome to Bedrock Gardens!

It was mid July but we had plenty of rain and the gardens were thriving. Wink wanted me to take pictures of ferns as we plan to add some to our entry way.


Wink enjoyed talking to the artists in residence for the fabric art show.

Fabric Arts

There were a gaggle of Guinea Fowl that provided commentary for us. They didn’t like having all the visitors in their space.

Guinea Fowl (Video Here)

Mark liked the sculptures and Wink suggested getting a friend for Cyrus, maybe to help socialize him?

Critter Metal Sculptures

Felted Wool Heron by Kris Weyrick-Scott


Enjoying the gardens
Holding Court

I showed Jill Nooney, the sculptor and co-owner of Bedrock Gardens, a series of pictures of Cybil’s transformation into Cyrus.  She got a laugh out of it.

We got thin crust pizza for lunch at 900 Degrees and then picked up Verdi Bird on our way home.

All in all another successful day.

Mark and Wink


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