Mid July Update

We continue to languish away in NewMahket where nuttin evah happens.  In between going to the Cape for Bear Week and going to Bedrock Gardens, I happened to snap a few pictures to share.

We have two blueberry gardens with about twelve plants total. Usually we manage to harvest some blueberries for pancakes. That does not seem to be the case this year as the ripe blueberries have already been plundered.

Catbird Enjoying Mark’s Blueberries

Squirrel Enjoying Mark’s Blueberries

Cardinal Waiting Her Turn

We have been keeping the feeders full and have enjoyed the bird channel:

Bluejay Eating Whole Wheat Bread

Porch Bird Feeders

It has been hot and sticky and we have had to fill the bird baths multiple times each day.

Cardinal in Bath

Chickadee Takes a Bath

Timid Orchard Oriole

Bluejay Shows How it is Done!


Uncertain as to Who These Are?

Eagle on Point
Heron Food
Chipmunker Before a Meal


Chipmunker in Action Video

We continue to see mammals as well as birds.  We get a few pictures now and then.


So you can see why we had to get away as there is nothing going on at home!!

Morning Joe – Iced Covfefe

Mark and Wink



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