Early August 2017

We have had a busy first week in August in NewMahket where nuttin evah happens. After a hectic spring and getting caught up in July, we finally got around to mulching our gardens. It took two truckloads of mulch and a crew of seven. The yard looks in good shape now. I managed to find some poison ivy I didn’t see when we were clearing one of the gardens. Oh bother!


Unfortunately the gardens were not the only things needing attention. One of the draw backs in living near the ocean is wood rot.

Wood Rot

The bird channel has helped cheer us up and keep us entertained.


Juvenile Red Bellied Woodpecker

Monarch Butterfly



Eating Mark’s Apples

Our anniversary number thirty six was August 1st and we walked into town for breakfast and grilled a steak for dinner.

And August isn’t even a week old yet!

Mark and Wink

NSFW – Cybil Costume Change




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