Early August 2017 Update

“Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket,” this is my mantra. Next thing you know I have another hundred pictures to sort through.

We have been seeing three Great Egrets recently. They seem to migrate through here and this seems a little early but we would have to look through the pictures to verify but I am too lazy.

Great Egrets

We no sooner get the gardens cleaned up when we get some unwanted help gardening.

Squirrel Eating Flowers





Deer (beauties)

Heron Rookery – Three Herons

We visited a heron rookery on our way home from the farmers market yesterday and stopped to take a few pictures. I think we will revisit the rookery later in the day in  hopes of seeing more birds.

Heron Rookery

We are seeing a hint of fall already even though there are still almost two months of summer left.

Hints of Fall

Our entry way continues to evolve…

Welcome to the Moeller’s-the home of the dreamer and the curmudgeon?!

On Sunday we continued our culinary adventures at the Farm Bar and Grille in Dover NH. They had good food and live music. We enjoyed ourselves and brought a friend.

Seafood for Mark and friend and Pulled Pork for Wink


Mark and Wink

Eagles on Watch

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  1. It’s acting a bit like early Fall here also. Low to mid 70’s for a high. Enjoy your blogs!


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