No Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket

I haven’t posted in awhile, partly lazy and partly preoccupied. We went on another trip, this time for thirty days starting in Venice. We flew to Venice and spent five days in an Airbnb and then got on a twenty five day cruise on Holland America’s Westerdam. The cruise departed Venice and sailed through the Peloponnese Islands, then to Western Italy and Spain terminating in Fort Lauderdale USA. Unfortunately my father died just as we arrived in Italy. It turned out that I missed his funeral because they needed to do an autopsy and there was uncertainty to the timing of the funeral.  Then I got a bad cold on the travel home and only started feeling better around Thanksgiving.

It has been so long since I posted that I have almost forgotten how to do it. I plan to ease back into the blogging starting with the pictures we’ve taken since we got home. Then I hope to do a few travel blogs. So here goes: Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket!

Doe a Deer

We saw the first buck we’ve seen in awhile chasing our does but I wasn’t quick enough to get his picture. He was somewhere around a six or eight point.

The cedar waxing wings have passed through on their way south.

Cedar Waxingwings

We are getting the winter birds visiting the feeders. I saw a mockingbird a twice but no pictures 😦 .

Dove, Bluejay and Cardinal

Eagles on the Point

We currently have a flock of English Starlings with a few Red Winged Blackbirds migrating through. My guess is that there are several hundred of them. It is kind of fun to watch. We were putting the gardens to bed yesterday and they were swarming around us. And yes we missed October and November so it is a little late to be putting the gardens to bed but the weather has been nice for it.

English Starlings

They stock pheasants on farms here for hunting season. Every now and the one shows up in our yard. Safe from hunters but lots of predators.


We have a little bit of a mystery as last night some critter dragged something up to the heated bird bath causing it to drain. Mark suspects it was probably a raccoon washing its food.

Bird Bath

Wink’s amaryllis bloomed which brightened our day.

Wink’s Amaryllis


Today didn’t start too well either. For some reason the furnace quit working and we woke up to a cold house. We have some small in wall heat exchangers and we have them working overtime to warm the house up. Fortunately it is sunny out so that helps warm the house. Just as a bonus the kitchen clock also stopped working.

Next blog: Bird Watching in Sarrande, Albania.

Mark and Wink



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