NEHIM continued …

Well nuttin continues to happen in NewMahket. We are enjoying our quiet bucolic existence. We sit around and just enjoy the sunsets and the weather.

Bucolic Lifestyle

The birds and animals still chill in our yard.

White Tail Deer

We have multiple bird feeders in the yard. The cover for the small birds is the Tupelo tree which had a tough year and lost several branches in a wind storm. The tree doesn’t offer as much cover as it used too and we have opportunists willing to take advantage of it.

Hawk (red tailed)

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Yesterday we got our first snow of the winter. My guess is it was about six inches. There was a story left in the tracks in the snow. It showed that there were multiple deer passing through the yard and a fox left tracks at the bird feeders. The little birds were hungry and so were the bigger birds.

Tracks in Yard
Black Alder Bush
Red Tail Hawk

Eagle on the Point

So it can be hazardous to be a small animal on our yard.

This snow may actually last until Christmas. We are expecting another one to three inches later this week and then a big cool down. We’ll wait and see as NEHIN.


Mark and Wink


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