Mark had another birthday :-)

I suppose that is a good thing as it beats the alternative. We did the usual birthday things such as dinner and cards. I got a card I wanted to share with you:

Mark’s Bday Card


Looks like a good solution to our squirrel problems.

Birthday Flowers

I suppose you want to see what I suffered through for birthday dinner?

Twin Lobstah Dinner

The problem with having a birthday late in February is that it comes right after Valentines Day:

Valentines Bouquet

I got a new toy for Valentines Day, it is a hot air fryer so I made steak tips and French Fries for dinner.

Valentines Day Dinner

The crazy weather continues. The weatherman says we will get a dusting of snow and we get five inches.

Sleety Snow

Dove and Hawk in Snow

We have the bunji set up for the squirrels and one even managed to defeat that:

Need Better Armament

Or the hawks need to do a better job:

Hawks (Coopers and Red Tailed)

There was a four day event from Audubon called the back yard bird watch were you watched and reported on your birds. It started on a Friday. During the time we set aside we only saw fog as it rolled in.

Fog rolling in

On Saturday we were more successful but didn’t get any hawks or woodpeckers during our observation window. I tried to photo all the birds we counted but that was impossible.

Day Two Backyard Bird Count

Day 2 No Shows

We got eight inches of snow between day two and day three. We saw more birds on day three but less diversity:

Day Three Bird Watching

We were dog sitting a local dog and he was fascinated by the activity in our yard where NEHiN:

Wots goin on?


The red winged blackbirds have returned. There is spring in the airamd Mark is another year older.

Mark and Wink



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