March in Newmahket

It is already March and things are becoming more springlike every day. We just had a Nor’easter on top of a astronomical high tide. We had high winds and some erosion locally but we did not lose any trees or lose power for which we are thankful. But the water intruded pretty high into the yard.

Storm Driven High Tide


We are starting to see the shore birds return. The bay is effectively in the ice out condition but we haven’t seen any early adventurers yet.

Juvenile Bald Eagle
Canada Geese

I think these are Merganser Ducks


We have been experimenting with cayenne pepper and hot sauce to try to keep the squirrels off the deck bird feeders. We have reduced the squirrels on the bird feeders but not completely eliminated it, but we are now feeding birds at the bird feeders.

Bird Feeder

Once we solved the squirrel problem, the piggie birds: grackles, red winged blackbirds and english starlings migrated back in and dominated the bird feeders.

Piggy Birds

Piggy Bird VIDEO Here

We had been hoping to get some help with our squirrel problems and that hope was not in vain.

Squirrel Predator

Fox Eating Squirrel VIDEO Here

So the crazy weather continues. We are supposed to get more snow later this week but it is warm outside now.

All for now:

Mark and Wink


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