Mid March NEHiN

It is spring time in Newmarket and we are expecting another Nor’Easter with heavy wet snow tonight. The rain snow line seems to be meandering around us so the rain snow mix remains TBD. There is another astronomically high tide associated with this storms but the projected winds are lighter.

Somehow I seem to have collected another 340 pictures mostly of our yard. We have struggled to keep the squirrels off our bird feeders. We have gotten a large bag of capsaicinĀ  pepper only to have one or two squirrels tolerate it. Then we bought super hot sauce to deter the squirrels. The combination of the two is semi effective. However the most effective squirrel deterrent is the natural one.

Squirrel on Deck
Squirrel sampling crow food
Squirrel on Squirrel Feeder

The fox made four passes at our feeders yesterday with no observed success. When the fox is known to be around, the squirrels tend to stay away. This morning a fox grabbed a squirrel off the squirrel feeder. This is the third confirmed kill. It seems the foxes are really fond of squirrel. So for now, the bird feeders are for the birds.

Fox catching Squirrel

Bird Feeders

We get a wide variety of birds at the feeders. It is a lot of fun to watch the action. The birds think spring is coming.



Bluebirds of Happiness

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Male Cardinal
Female Cardinal
Gold Finch

Feeding Crows

Crow Feeding VIDEO HERE

English Starling

Red Winged Blackbirds

The small birds aren’t the only ones trying to eat at our feeders. This Coopers Hawk has been camping the yard as well. When the red wing blackbirds nest, they will drive off the hawks.

Cooper Hawk Camping Bird Feeders

The deer must feel the weather coming because they were out during the day.

Deer browsing fresh grass shoots

Finally the real first signs of spring:

First Paddle-boarder for 2018

We are just getting by in NewmaHket where nuttin evah happens….

Mark and Wink




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