Mid April 2018

We spent the first two weeks of April visiting Meg in Hawaii but that is a different story. When we got back we were welcomed by more snow.The yard had greened up a little and everybody, but the weather, thought it was spring. As usual, NEHiN.

The animals think it is spring:

The Fox

The Groundhog is out of its den

The deer are browsing the shoots.

The birds think it is spring.

Tom and Thomas (picture by Andrew)

The Hens


Even Chipmunker is back!


Female Bluebird

Titmouse and Chickodee

Goldfinches acquiring their yellow finery

Male Cardinal

White-Throated Sparrow

This is what we missed when we were in Hawaii – a snowy owl.

Snowy Owl (picture by Jim Tierney)

We have been back for a week and life goes on as normal in NewMahKet.

Mark and Wink

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