Early May NEHiN 2018

It seems Spring has finally arrived. We are greening up nicely and the daffodils are welcoming the increased sunshine. As usual, Nuttin continues to happen in NewMahket. So take a moment and see for yourselves.

Love is in the Air – Courting Turkeys


Daffodil Medley for Meg

The ground hogs have been busy. We have a pair of them. I suspect we will export groundhogs to the neighbors. The neighbors are not fans.


The fox was interested in groundhog control but in the tete-a-tete the fox relented.

Fox and Groundhog standoff

So the fox settled for a squirrel.

Fox with Squirrel

The herons are back. We saw four on the point.




We had a red squirrel at the feeder all day. The fox patiently stalked that squirrel from just outside our breakfast nook window.

Red Squirrel


Patient Fox

The Capture

Warning – the video is gruesome.


Peek-a-boo  –  We really enjoyed watching her

Mark and Wink

remember – Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket.



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