Hawaiian Vacation – Fun

We were in Hawaii for seventeen days at the beginning of April 2018 and only had to use sunscreen twice. That mean we got to see the sun twice. The temperatures were in the eighties but so was the relative humidity.

It was an eat or get eaten sort of vacation….

Om MY!

Bishop Museum on Ohau

Whimsy at the Allerton Gardens

Ala Moana Mall – Tesla Dealership
Ala Moana Mall Lego Store – Bob Ross Memorial

Food and Drink

This section is just for giggles. There is good food and booze to be had in Hawaii.


Fish and Chips

Another Lunch

Box Lunch

Yum! Hawaii has good food

I’ll drink to that

Waimea Botanical Garden – Ohau


These chicks are being raised in a quad at the University of Hawaii – Monoa. Meg has a series of shots showing the whole cycle. We were there just toward the end when they are about to go out on their own.

Meg Teasers

Mark and Meg have a competition where the object is to count the tines on the feathers in our bird pictures. These are pictures Meg took shortly after we left Hawaii.

Got Tines?

Black Capped Night Heron

Fishing Competition (Hawaii Stilts and Juvenile Night Heron and Adult Night Heron)

Baby Hawaiian Moorhen
Red Billed Leiothrix

That is about all we did on our Hawaiian vacation.

ps – We did go deep sea fishing one day. There was a small craft advisory with ten foot swells. We spent ten hours out on the sea in a thirty-five foot boot. At the right speed and direction, even the captain felt a little green. I didn’t bother taking any pictures as I didn’t feel up to it. We never even got a bite. This trip was just before the devastating storm hit Kauai. So we have been deep sea fishing four times. This is the third time we didn’t catch any fish.

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