Y NEHiN – Late Spring

This is an update to last Winter’s blog: YNEHiN. It was shown that Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket because our yard provides three things: Food, Water and Cover/Habitat. We now can see the results of all of that.


There is a lot of natural food but we still maintain our bird feeders.

Pasture for the Deer
Clover for the Groundhog
Paint Dipped Skunk

Deck Bird Feeder

Oriole Feeder

Yard Bird Feeders


We still have the spring in the yard but we have supplemented the deck bird bath with a bird bath on the front entrance.

Deck Bird Bath

Front Bird Bath


We have the four and a half acres that are partially wooded with two hundred feet of waterfront on Great Bay in New Hampshire. This combination has produced an explosion of babies. Enjoy the habitat pictures.

Baby Canada Geese

Nine Baby Ducks
Baby Turkeys

Baby Birds

Baby Deer


Here are some miscellaneous pictures for your enjoyment.

Fun Pictures

Father’s Day

We had a relaxing Father’s Day.

Andrew’s cats

We made cowboy steak, asparagus and truffle fries for dinner. It was fabulous.

Fathers Day Dinner

Just gettin by in NewMahket, where nuttin continues to happen.

Mark, Wink and Meg

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