Road Trip 1 – The Begining

Meg is moving from Kailua Hawaii to New Hampshire. She had her car shipped from Oahu to Oakland California, where we met to pick it up and drive it across the country.

Meg’s Car – Mini Cooper S

We started our trip in Alameda CA staying with my sister Jayne and her husband Steve (and their cat Milo) for a couple of days. We plan to do some sight seeing on the way across the country stopping in Detroit on or about the 28th of May. We hope to stop in Cincinnati on our way to Detroit.

Oakland Museum of California

We spent half a day at the Oakland Museum of California. They had three floors with Natural Sciences, California History and California Art on each floor respectively.

J.B. Blunt Art Exhibit


I was still a little jet lagged and didn’t exercise my camera as these exhibits deserved.

California Academy of Science

Our second tourist stop was at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. We spent the better part of a day enjoying their exhibits and aquarium.

Tyrannosaur Skeleton

Rain Forest Exhibit

Aquarium Pictures

Anthro Picture

USS Hornet Museum

On day three, we visited the USS Hornet. It would have been easy to spend the day seeing all facets of this ship. We saw hanger  deck,  flight deck, primary flight control, Helm and Bridge. We ended the tour in the Combat Information Center. The world war two technology was interesting.

USS Hornet

Hanger Deck

Sick Bay

Flight Deck



The Hornet visit was most enjoyable.

We have also been socializing on the trip.


In two days we start our trek East. The goal is to see as much as can see. I hope to occasionally post progress updates, but the adventure begins.


Mark and Meg


  1. Road Trip 1 – The Begining
  2. Road Trip 2 – Seqoia NP, Death Valley and Hoover Dam
  3. Road Trip 3 – Phoenix
  4. Road Trip 4 – Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest National Park
  5. Road Trip 5 –  Grand Canyon
  6. Road Trip 6 – Canyon de Chelly
  7. Road Trip 7 – Great Salt Lake – Antelope Island
  8. Road Trip 8 – Dinosaur National Monument
  9. Road Trip 9 – Rocky Mountain National Park
  10. Road Trip 10 – Wilson’s Creek Battlefield




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  1. I love these pics! That’s a great one of my mom :-). I really enjoyed hanging with you guys! ❤️


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