Road Trip V – Grand Canyon

The next stop was at the Grand Canyon. There were two parts to this stop, Horseshoe Bend and the North Rim. We visited Horseshoe Bend late in the evening and got a cabin on the North Rim.


There are no fences at the rim and the rock is sandy. I erred and wore flip flops and collected sand along the way. I have a very real respect for heights, Meg calls it my phobia. I was disquieted enough even my feet were sweating and this made my flip flops slippery. I would not willingly get too close to the edge and this limited my picture taking. Not everyone was as cautious as I was.

Walk to the Bend

Best Picture I was able to take

Horseshoe Bend

We then drove to the North Rim and arrived at the cabin almost too late for dinner. We crashed right after we got a bite to eat.

Our Cabin

North Rim

After the North Rim we headed to Canyon de Chelly.

Mark and Meg


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