Late July 2017

July is coming to an end and nuttin continues to happen in NewMahket. We continue to maintain the bird feeders and bird baths. We call the activity ‘the bird channel.’ The bird channel has been active. Meg says I should create another ‘hot chicks in the bath’ video. Next week is supposed to be hot so it might be a good time for it.

Bluejays do it right

Juvenile Birds

Red Breasted Grossbeak


We have been seeing the male turkeys but some hens joined them. There were routinely three adult males and five hens have recently joined them. We didn’t get any chicks this year but they were seen in the woods. The males have ‘beards’ and the female is much smaller.


We have several gardens in the yard. We call the one at the back of the yard the ‘Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden.’ We have lots of hummingbirds but very few butterflies this year.

Hummingbird Garden

This hummingbird would camp the garden and chase away any intruders that tried to enter it.


Back by popular demand: ‘Where in the garden is Carmen Hummingbird?’


There has also been a murder of crows…


Chipmunker is still around.


The eagles are routinely on the point.


The nesting season is over and the hawks have been allowed to return.


The mammals have been active as well. We see the skunk almost daily.


Groundhog in flower garden


There have also been squirrels in the yard but their numbers seem to be diminishing. I saw a fox chase a squirrel across the yard. At the end of the chase there was a squirrel tail in the yard, which disappeared overnight.

Squirrel Tail

Earlier the fox caught a squirrel. The fox is under the black alder bush. Hopefully we will get better fox pictures sometime.

Fox with squirrel

Somehow I accumulated three hundred and seventy pictures since the last blog. It is clear that things are quiet in NewMahket.

We have had interesting culinary experiences as well.

Fun with Food

All for now.

Mark and Wink



Mid July Update

We continue to languish away in NewMahket where nuttin evah happens.  In between going to the Cape for Bear Week and going to Bedrock Gardens, I happened to snap a few pictures to share.

We have two blueberry gardens with about twelve plants total. Usually we manage to harvest some blueberries for pancakes. That does not seem to be the case this year as the ripe blueberries have already been plundered.

Catbird Enjoying Mark’s Blueberries

Squirrel Enjoying Mark’s Blueberries

Cardinal Waiting Her Turn

We have been keeping the feeders full and have enjoyed the bird channel:

Bluejay Eating Whole Wheat Bread

Porch Bird Feeders

It has been hot and sticky and we have had to fill the bird baths multiple times each day.

Cardinal in Bath

Chickadee Takes a Bath

Timid Orchard Oriole

Bluejay Shows How it is Done!


Uncertain as to Who These Are?

Eagle on Point
Heron Food
Chipmunker Before a Meal


Chipmunker in Action Video

We continue to see mammals as well as birds.  We get a few pictures now and then.


So you can see why we had to get away as there is nothing going on at home!!

Morning Joe – Iced Covfefe

Mark and Wink



Bedrock Gardens Adventure

We just got home from the Cape and then went on an adventure to Bedrock Gardens. This is where Cybil/Cyrus was birthed. They had an open house weekend which featured fabric arts so Wink wanted to go.


Welcome to Bedrock Gardens!

It was mid July but we had plenty of rain and the gardens were thriving. Wink wanted me to take pictures of ferns as we plan to add some to our entry way.


Wink enjoyed talking to the artists in residence for the fabric art show.

Fabric Arts

There were a gaggle of Guinea Fowl that provided commentary for us. They didn’t like having all the visitors in their space.

Guinea Fowl (Video Here)

Mark liked the sculptures and Wink suggested getting a friend for Cyrus, maybe to help socialize him?

Critter Metal Sculptures

Felted Wool Heron by Kris Weyrick-Scott


Enjoying the gardens
Holding Court

I showed Jill Nooney, the sculptor and co-owner of Bedrock Gardens, a series of pictures of Cybil’s transformation into Cyrus.  She got a laugh out of it.

We got thin crust pizza for lunch at 900 Degrees and then picked up Verdi Bird on our way home.

All in all another successful day.

Mark and Wink


2017 Whale Watching

We went on a midweek getaway to the Cape. That blog can be found here: We went up to P-Town and went out Whale Watching on the Dolphin Fleet. We saw seven whales: two fin whales, five humpback whales including a baby and one lonely seal. Wink and I took a few pictures to document the event!

The cruise starts in P-Town harbor:

View of P-Town Harbor
Harbor Kayakers
P-Town Monument

After getting the safety briefing we got an introduction to where we were going – the Stellwagen Bank. This is a National Marine Preserve.


Then we got a briefing on the whales we might see.


There were people fishing just as soon as we got out of the harbor, both on private boats and a party boat:

Fishing (likely for bait?)
Party Boat

There was quite a commotion in the area as the sea was boiling with bait fish. We were wondering what was chasing them.


Birds Feeding

Fish Jumping – Seagull for scale

We discovered the source of the commotion, it was a fin whale scouring the bottom along the beach for bait fish. The fin whale is the second largest whale and can reach eighty five feet long.

Fin Whale

Here are some close ups of the birds. One of the birds grabbed a sand eel right next to the whale.

Black Faced Terns and fin whale

After we watched the fin whale for awhile we headed out to the Stellwagen Bank. Fin whales are negatively buoyant so they can dive easily. Humpback whales are positively buoyant and need to lift their tales to get a little help diving. As such, it is more interesting to watch the humpbacks. The fin whale behavior is pretty stately.

Whale Watching Video

We saw a pod of five humpback whales, three adults and one baby. They don’t normally stay together but seemed to be cooperatively feeding.

Wink Whale Watching

Thar She Blows

Mom and Calf

Baby Whale


Logging near the boat


These birds were out fishing near the whales. I suppose the whales drive some prey to the surface. One of the birds got a sand eel.

Birds Fishing


There was one seal way out on the banks with the whales. There are a lot of great white sharks around that would enjoy  it for a meal.


Whale Pod

Bye Bye from the Whales

All in all, it was a very satisfying whale watch.

Mark and Wink




P-Town Escape

Wink wanted to do something fun to get away from NewMahket in July. So we settled on visiting the Cape midweek. We drove down on Tuesday and returned home on Friday in time to make the BYOB at the point. We stayed in a beachside motel in Chatham, The Hawthorne, and visited Provincetown for fun and whale watching.( The whale watching is a separate blog). We chose the week we went because it was bear week in Provincetown. Our goal was to whale watch, people watch and eat seafood as well as step on the beach and get our toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

We stayed at the Hawthorne in Chatham. It is on shore road and a short walk to downtown. The weather was iffy for our whole stay as a warm front stalled over us with fog,intermittent rain and squalls and it was mostly cloudy and breezy and very humid. This was inconvenient for us as it drove all the beach goers into town and plugged the town up with people and made parking difficult. When we arrived we had to go directly to the hotel and check in to be able to park. Then we walked into town and started our seafood adventure. Here are some pictures of the Hawthorne. The only problem with the local beach was we were swarmed by sand fleas. It was very unpleasant so we didn’t spend much time on that beach.

The Hawthorne
The Beach
Toes in the water – mission accomplished!!

Beach Find – Starfish

We cruised around Chatham after a late lunch at the Impudent Oyster and came across the Sharks in the Park fundraiser for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. You can bid on these on their website: . It was fun.

Sharks in the Park

The next day we continued our people watching in Provincetown. Bear Week is one of my favorite times of year. Wink noticed I spent a lot of time smiling but she thought it was a little tawdry. We had three objectives, Whale Watch, People Watch and shop the bookstores. Unfortunately we ran out of time and missed out on the  bookstores this trip.

P-Town Bear Watching

Except for breakfast, Mark had seafood for every meal. This included fish and chips, cioppino, seafood caserole, fish sandwiches and fish in a hot pot. It was a marvelous adventure.

Seafood Extravaganza

Breakfast one day was an egg sandwich and dirt bombs at the Cottage Street Bakery in Orleans. Dirt bombs are a muffin dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar and sinfully delicious. Wink and I had to have one for old times sake.

Dirt Bomb
Breakfast – Yum

Of special note, we found some onion rings that brought back memories for Wink as they reminder her of her travels to New Hampshire from Boston. They used to stop at Howard Johnson’s and they were her favorite onion rings. Mark can heartily endorse these onion rings.

Onion Rings – Yummy – Two Thumbs Up!

We did make it to the lighthouse beach. I had my camera but left the camera bag in the hotel room. I also left the battery plugged into the wall and charging so the lighthouse beach pictures are from Wink’s iphone… my bad.

Beach Walk

Wink liked the flowers she saw on our adventures:


The Whale Watch was spectacular as well. We were in P-Town early in July and this is earlier than we usually make this pilgrimage. As a result we saw different whale behaviors than we were used to observing. The whale watch blog can be found here:

It was a pleasant getaway. On our way north we stopped at Legal Seafood in  Chestnut Hill to visit with a friend of Wink’s. Managed to get back to Moody Point just in time to get to the byo!

Mark and Wink



Just Because

As ‘nuttin continues to happen in NewMahket,’ I find myself with another set of pictures and a story to tell. It is transitioning from early summer to mid summer and the juvenile birds are leaving the nests. We think we’ve a new species when in reality it is just a juvenile in colors we don’t recognize. Last blog it was a Oriole.

So to start this blog I am introducing a new game. It is called, ‘Where in the garden is Carmen Hummingbird?’ How do we know it is Carmen and not Waldo? Look at the breast and there is no ruby throat, Introducing Carmen:

Carmen Hummingbird

Where in the garden is Carmen Hummingbird?


The bird baths have been popular. Here is a female cardinal enjoying a refreshing bath.

Bath Time


Juvenile English Starling

Juvenile American Bald Eagle

Ground Hog in Day Lily Garden

Momma Deer

Fox and Friends

We had a thunderstorm roll in at sunset and it put on a light show:

Thunderstorm at Sunset

Light Show

The light show continued after sunset but it was more of a lightning show with boomers.

All is quiet here.

Mark and Wink


Early July 2017

Suffice it to say that ‘Nuttin Evah Happens in NewMahket.’ Prior to the fourth of July, nature provided us with a light show on at least three separate occasions. Now we know what is at the other end of the rainbow: NewMahket.


For awhile I thought the dandelions would take over the yard but it seems the groundhog is a dandelion fiend. So he spends a great deal of time weeding our yard. As long as he doesn’t dine on our gardens that’s fine with us!

Ground Hog


The bird channel is active during the day.


Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Brown Headed Cowbird


Mourning Dove

Baltimore and Orchard Orioles

We didn’t recognize the oriole with the black bib. It turns out it is the juvenile coloring.

Tom Turkey


Video Here

The heron isn’t the only predator in the yard.

Juvenile American Bald Eagle
Fox catching a squirrel

I will try to collect more pictures of ‘nuttin happenin’!

All is quiet in NewMahket.

Mark and Wink

Frodo 2001 – 2017

Leaving you was always difficult. No matter if it was to the grocery store for an hour or across the country to school. You always got worried when car keys were picked up or suitcases unearthed. You preferred to have your humans around the house where you could keep an eye on them – especially at mealtime or naptime. You earned many names – Poopy, Sir Poopston Logdropper, Barks-at-thunder-pees-on-bed – as well as a large chunk of our hearts. It has been a phenomenal 16 1/2 years, Frodo. Rest in peace, and sweet dreams.   (Meg)

Frodo was our companion for sixteen and a half years. He was a magnificent dog and is sorely missed. He wanted to be included in everything. He watched out for us as we did yard work and kept the house safe.

We got Frodo as a puppy early in 2001. Meg and Wink went shopping and stopped at a pet store at the mall. We were supposed to go to Chicago for a weekend get away but instead they came home with a puppy. Meg was so happy to have a dog in the house.

Meg and puppy Frodo

My parents visited us and brought their dog Chester along for the visit. Chester had an out sized impact on our innocent Frodo. He taught him that food could be found in the wastebasket if you knocked it over and that pre-cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher was a dog’s responsibility. Later he taught Frodo that beer was delicious and all you needed to do was knock over the beer bottles to get the last drop!

Chester and Frodo
Frodo checking out the dishwasher

When we traveled, he always wanted to go along. Like most animals he would get upset when a suitcase came out.

Take me too

It was Frodo’s job to make sure we got our walks in. When he was healthy our morning walk would be the two mile walk down to Bay Road and back. As he got older his route was shortened to just around the neighborhood. He made sure to inform the other dogs that Moody Point was his territory.

Dog Walking

Frodo was the best napper. After eating and walking, napping was his favorite activity. All one had to do was say nap time and he was off to the bed room.

Nap Time

Frodo RIP 2001 – 2017

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg


We have a little more than 1000 pictures of him, I have selected a few so you can watch Meg and Frodo grow up together.


















He lived a great life and we miss him very much.


Late June (NEHIN) 2017

All is quiet on the home front and we continue to enjoy the bird channel. It is summer now and we have had enough rain that we are greening up nicely. I just want to take a moment to share the views in our yard.